Domestic Violence involving Alcohol

According to past research published by the Australian Institute of Criminology 44% of all intimate partner homicides involve alcohol. During 2012-13 in Victoria police were called to 60,829 family violence incidents and laid charges in 25,574 of the cases. In NSW in the 12 months to September police recorded 27,808 domestic assaults. In Victoria in 2012-13 there were 45 homicides in family settings.
While much is said about the consumption of alcohol in public places or while driving a motor vehicle little is said about the effects of the consumption of alcohol in the home resulting in domestic violence.

A study in California conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health which interviewed more than 1,500 married or cohabitating opposite-sex couples found that men who regularly drank at parties away from their home were more likely to be violent toward their partners. The study found that in general men who drank often were more likely to be violent toward their partners.

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